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Eco-conscious parenting

There's so many ways to really go all-in on your cost-saving eco-warrior journey as a zero-waste parent. We are thrilled that you already has made the step to choose cloth diapers, and want to help you a bit further down the path.


Be close to your baby

Babywearing has been practiced for thousands of years, both benefiting the parent and the baby. It's so comforting for the baby to be close to its parent after entering this new world, and it's truly a great comfort to free our hands while carrying the baby in a baby carrier or sling.

We have high quality baby carriers and slings from top ergonomic brands, so that you can ensure maximum comfort for you and your little one. 

Psssst....they might come with a higher price tag than slings and carriers on Amazon, but they do on the other hand come with a priceless quality and are all ethically made with a lot of passion for safe and ergonomic babywearing. We also have rental options available - keep scrolling down to find out more.


If you still have doubts if babywearing is for you, you can choose a stress-free rental together with the rental of your cloth diapers. That way you can find out what works for you, and if it's actually worth the investment in the long run. 

All rental slings are in as-good-as-new-condition, and most of them even new. They will all be cleaned prior to shipping.

Give your baby a hug and start off the first months in a sling or carrier of your choice! To make it as risk-free as possible, the cost for a 3-month sling rental is only 20 euros. That's a true bargain from our high-quality brands. All ergonomic, all made with love and true compassion for babywearing from brands like Manduca, Girasol, and Fidella. 

Note that there is a deposit of 50 euros that needs to be paid, so the total amount will be 70 euros. However, 50 euros will be returned upon delivery. If there is any damage, that can affect how much you will be returned - but these baby carriers and slings are of top quality and normally takes years and years and years (and multiple babies) to actually wear out. If you for some reason would like to keep the sling or carrier instead of sending it back, you can choose to keep it without getting the deposit in return.



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