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Paquete de prueba


We understand it's easy to get lost in the jungle with all the different cloth diaper brands and systems. After having years of experience with first-hand cloth diapering and working with over 80 families, we have found a solution. Our amazing test package consists of cloth diapers from highly trusted brands so that you can find out which cloth diaper works best for your family.


The easy way forward

Choose your favorite diaper, and sign up for our subscription package. That way you are ensured a full-time stash of the cloth diaper your family prefer.

Cancel anytime.

100% risk-free.


Return and shipping

We will send you a label for the return of the test package. At the same time we will send you a complete brand new stash of 20 of your favorite cloth diapers so that you can continue your journey. 

The shipping is completely free, and you can cancel your monthly payments anytime.


Your time, your family

Use - wash - repeat.

This will most likely be the cycle you experience during your rental time. You can always contact our team of cloth diaper experts for advice if you have any doubts. For every month, you are saving around 240 diapers to go to our landfills, in addition to saving EUROS on your wallet. 


Final return

When you choose to cancel your subscription, we will send you a return label. Feel free to use any box you want. The return shipping is free of charge if you have held your subscription longer than 12 months.

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